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Below are some programs we have identified that can help you navigate these tough times.

Take Class Action

There are a lot of companies out there that make products that can harm you over the many years you are around them or use them.

We have compiled a list of the worst offenders that have ongoing cases against them.  Click the button below to see if there are any cases that you might qualify for.  You could walk away with a big settlement!

Unclaimed Money Search

There are tons of ways that you could lose track of cash or an inheritance you didn’t even know about.  Money you are owed from deposits, utilities, inheritances, and all kinds of things in your past are sometimes kept for decades.

We will help you search the nationwide database, and recover everything that is rightfully yours.

PFM Verify

When CEOs are forced out of their job, they usually get a huge severance that allows them to land on their feet.  Regular people can get some help too.

Uncle Sam may help you get back on their feet after you have lost your job.  See if you qualify!


Did you know 5.4% of people can’t get a bank account to have their weekly pay sent to?  If they can, they charge an arm and a leg in fees!  Don’t let it happen to you. We have partnered with an online bank that does everything they can to get an account for you.  Try for one now!

Rent 2 Own Helper

Have you ever opened a calculator and figured out how much money you give your landlord every year?  Sickening.  Own your own place!

It seems tougher than ever, but it isn’t if you buy your home while you are paying your landlord monthly. The method is called Rent To Own.  See if you qualify!

Section 8 Assistance

When you were younger, you might have passed by cheaper housing and thought it wasn’t for you.  But Now You’re An Adult!

Living month to month is tough.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Uncle Sam could help you pay your landlord?  You’d be surprised how nice the places are now.   Hurry up and get started now, spaces are filling up.

Top Job Market

Employers typically give cost of living raises, or no raise at all.  To get a good raise, smart employees get a new job!  Go Where The Money Is

We have compiled a list of employers looking for new employees.  Just click search to find your new raise!

365 Funding

Some weeks we just can’t pay everything we owe with the money we make from our jobs.  We have a solution for you!  Get the money you need fast!

We have partnered with a company that can get you cash to help you make it through to next week and can get it to you quickly.

Debt Help Guide

Do you get a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach every time someone mentions Taxes on TV?  Get It Straightened Out!

We have found a company that will take you by the hand and help you fix this problem.

Select My Policy

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a catastrophe happened at your house or apartment?  Want to get paid if someone breaks in and steals your stuff?  Prepare For The Worst!

If you are prepared, you’ll get compensated if something bad happens.  It’s the responsible thing to do.

I Could Use A Job

Did you get a raise this year?  If not, you can give yourself a raise.  It’s the American way.  Get A New Employer!

Most places of employment won’t give their valued workers raises.  If you get new employment that pays more, you give yourself a raise!

My Degree

Some positions don’t require a higher level of schooling.  Most extremely high paying positions do.  It’s Never Too Late To Start!

Did you know that you can get the skills you need to get a higher salaried position without leaving home?

Car Stickr

Have you ever noticed that people are always looking at you as you drive by them?  Seems weird right?  Don’t Be Stared At For Free Anymore!

Companies will compensate you for putting a wrap on your car that will draw drivers attention to them instead.

Auto Loan Express

When you get in your car and go places are you sure that you’ll make it back home without any trouble?  Be sure you get back home!

No matter what your situation is, everyone deserves to have reliable transportation.  Get some new keys and be sure!

Claim Your Benefits

I know how it feels when you’re in a bind and just can’t make ends meet.  It can be crippling.  Help Is Available!

These programs can help you make it through tough times, if you are eligible.  Can’t hurt to try, right?


Do you feel like it costs too much to live where you are living now?  You can decrease that cost with help.  Let’s Try Now!

Just click the button below to be taken to a page that allows you to try a few different ways of decreasing your costs.

Survey Junkie

I had a friend who would answer survey questions for companies all year and pay for all of her Christmas gifts with the proceeds.  Learn how to do it!

Just click on the button below and I’ll teach you how you can answer questions for companies and have them pay for your holiday gifts.

Your VA Survey

Did you serve, or are you serving, Uncle Sam?  They give you so many benefits it’s hard to keep up.  Get What You Deserve!

You’ve sacrificed your life for your country, and for that you are owed some benefits.  Click the button below to get started.

Now Platinum

Do companies typically say no when you ask them for an account at their store?  This One Usually Says Yes!

Just click the button below and fill in your information to get the account you deserve.

USA Grants

Isn’t it weird that the government just gives help to huge companies when they fall on hard times?  They can help you too!

Every year there is a stipend set aside that has to be given out to someone.  It’s easier than you think to get yours.  Click the button below to learn how.

Unemployment Benefits Guide

Did you know when a big CEO is let go, they typically get a huge severance package even if they’ve done wrong?  Little Guys Can Get It Too!

They just call it unemployment.  Click the button below to check out this awesome guide on how to navigate that world even if its been a while.

Utility Expense Relief

If you live indoors you have to have water, and electricity.  Sometimes gas, and sewer.  It’s expensive.  Don’t Let Utilities Drain You!

With all of the craziness going on lately there are programs to help you.  Click the button below to take advantage!

Financial Assistance For You

Are your pockets empty this month?  It happens to the best of us.  Maybe some extra would help?  Fill Your Pockets In 24h!

We have found a company that can help you get back to normal.  Just click the button below to get started.